April 2015 Coverage of Summer Born issue incl. ITV, BBC TV, Radio and Sky News

On April 20, ITV Good Morning Britain interviewed Rosie Dutton at 7.10am. Watch again here.

On April 19, BBC One Breakfast interviewed Rosie Dutton twice (7.15am and 8.15am).

On April 15, BBC Local Radio‘s presenter Mark Forrest interviewed Pauline Hull at 7.15pm. Listen here.

On April 15, BBC Radio Shropshire‘s Eric Smith interviewed Pauline Hull. Listen here at 01:17:00

On April 12, Bishop FM radio presenter Angelique Williamson interviewed Julie Thompson about the Summer Born Campaign and her thoughts on the latest DfE guidance. Listen here.

On April 5, Sky News reported on the Summer Born issue with a film featuring Rosie Dutton and Hayley Beards in Birmingham and a studio interview with Michelle Melson.

On April 4, Sky News Correspondent Adele Robinson published this report: Summer-Born Kids Face School Postcode Lottery

On April 2, Bryony Mackenzie presented this BBC South East Today report on the summer born issue featuring Claire Watkins, a member of our Summer Born Campaign group.


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1 Response to April 2015 Coverage of Summer Born issue incl. ITV, BBC TV, Radio and Sky News

  1. Rachel Birch says:

    It is indeed a ‘disgrace’. Parents are not legally obliged to send their child to school until they are compulsory school age, the term after their fifth birthday. Parents have the right to request their child enters reception class in the term after their fifth birthday, there are no statutory barriers and admission authorities have the power to grant this request. Unfortunately few do, so parents like Hayley and Keith are forced to fight for the right to do what they know is best for their child. It is a ludicrous situation, parents know their child best but the decision as to what is best for their child is taken out of their hands.
    Birmingham LEA are opposed to Summer born children starting reception class in the term after their fifth birthday. Their comment that this decision is nothing to do with them but a decision reached by the schools is a ‘disgrace’. Despite what the LEA say schools look to them for advice, they advise against ‘delayed’ entry unless in completely dire circumstances.
    Hayley and Keith should have every right to a reception place for Zach when he reaches 5, the admissions code needs to change to make this possible for every summer born child.


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