Parents of summer born children


Please write to us with your experiences (example questions only below):

Have you been able to delay your child’s entry into reception class?

Are you facing/ did you face opposition from your local school and/or local education authority?

Why do you want your child to wait an extra year before starting school?

What has been the reaction from other parents or family members?

Have you been denied the opportunity to delay your child’s entry into reception but decided to defer their starting date until late in the reception year?

If you have an older child whose entrance into reception was delayed, are you happy with this decision or do you have any regrets?

If possible, please tell us the area you live in, as we’d really like to build up a picture of what is happening around the country. If you’ve had a positive experience with a very supportive school, please provide the name of that school, as we think it’s important to highlight good practice and to demonstrate that WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY.

324 Responses to Parents of summer born children

  1. El says:

    Does anyone have any experience of the opposite – asking for their child to be put forward a year?
    I have a son born 29 Aug, who has flourished in reception and year 1, but my daughter, born beginning Sep, will be the oldest in her class, going to school a year later and I would rather her go earlier!
    I know the discussion is about summer born babies being deferred, but it therefore makes sense that early Sep babies could go up? Anyone heard of this happening? I am applying for her to get a Jan 18 preschool place, as I feel to hold her back until Sep is not fair! Are there any local authorities that you have heard of that are flexible in both directions?


  2. Becky miller-barton says:

    Hi all,

    My son is turning 3 on the 28th Aug so is to start school next year. I really do not want this, but I also do not want to hold him back and for them to just put him in to year 1 the following year!!!! I have also been told that if I do manage to hold him back to start reception in 2019 he will then (before year 6) be moved up!!! Is this true?

    Trying for advice as to were to start…. thank you



    • Ruth Nilsson says:

      My son has the same birthday as yours. He did have delayed speech as well so I sent a paragraph explaining to Brighton and Hove Council explaining why I thought he should be allowed to join reception just after he turned 5 along with a speech and language report from the previous year even though he had been signed off. No problems at all – the council agreed it and he’s due to start this year on Sept 11th in reception which is 2 weeks after he turns 5. He is so much more ready for school this year than he would have been last year. Good luck!


  3. Clare says:

    we have a daughter who is going to be 4 on the 25th August and have decides to defer her entry into reception till sept 2018. We have agreement from the local council admission team but have to go through the applying process again, so no guarantee we will get her in.
    A question I have is if she does get in – is she safe? Can she be moved down a year later on if we were to move schools or is it that once she is in reception and started school, that’s it? any help would put my mind at rest 🙂


    • Ruth Nilsson says:

      When I asked my local council about this (Brighton and Hove) they said my son would stay in the year he entered school and wouldn’t be asked to move years by an LEA school although to be aware that some academies may have their on rules. As far as I’m concerned, I am expecting my son (he turns
      5 on 28th Aug and has deferred reception until this Sept) will stay in the year group he enters all the way through. If a school tried to move him I would be very surprised and would fight it as can’t see any reason in the current education system (I’m a secondary teacher) to justify making a child miss a year. Have confidence in your choice and your ability to know /fight for what is right for your child’s
      All the best!


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