Research and Evidence

Michelle Melson has done an excellent job in compiling a list of useful files containing research, documents and letters, all of which can be found here.

Again, not all parents will make the decision to delay their summer born child, and nor should they. Also, not all summer born children are adversely affected by an early school start; this campaign is about allowing those who already stand out as not being ‘ready’ for entrance into a school environment to be allowed extra time to mature.

Children reach many milestones at a variety of ages (e.g. learning to walk and talk) and readiness for school is no different. This extract from a 2009 article by Kathy Walker, an education consultant and the author of What’s the Hurry? Reclaiming Childhood in an Overscheduled World, sums this up perfectly – and she’s making the case that ‘Not all children are ready for school when they turn five‘!

“Many believe that school readiness is about being able to read, write or count. In fact, these skills develop and are taught at school. They are not a priority for school readiness. To enter school ready to thrive, flourish and enjoy the challenges – rather than merely “just cope” – we are taking the issue of school readiness more seriously and carefully…

Readiness is really mostly about emotional and social maturity – aspects of development that we cannot fast-track. We cannot make a child who lacks the necessary maturity become mature. Emotional and social maturity includes an ability to deal with separation, to show initiative, to demonstrate interest and to play alongside others. It also involves the ability to concentrate, to deal with frustration, to follow instructions, to express needs, to demonstrate self-help skills and to participate in small groups.”


9 Responses to Research and Evidence

  1. Natalie says:

    Hello The link to research etc appears to be broken. Do you have the research anywhere else?
    Many thanks


    • Hi Natalie,
      I’ve just checked the link (“here”) above and it appears to be working now. It should take you through to a Facebook page with a whole list of documents. I’m not sure whether perhaps you need to be a member of Facebook to view it?


  2. Natalie says:

    Yes you do have to be. I have requested access to your page but is there any other way of getting these links as personally Im not a massive fan of FB? Many thanks


  3. Mette High says:

    I would also like to access the page but am also not a Facebook user…Is there any way that you could maybe publicise the link on this homepage? Many thanks, Mette


  4. I’m afraid these are all housed as files within the Facebook Group. If/when time allows, they might be added to this website but I’m afraid there are no plans to do this at present.


  5. William Bond says:

    Thanks for the very helpful website but it’s really frustrating not to be able to access these documents as I don’t want to be a facebook user.


  6. Martina says:

    Hello how do I ask documents on the facebook page. I have had to join Facebook today but I still can’t see how i can access the doc.


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