Fighting for Flexibility

2013 June article: Fighting for Flexibility by PM Hull (published in Under 5s magazine)
fighting for flexibility

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1 Response to Fighting for Flexibility

  1. Anna says:

    Not a response to the above in particular but to wish you the very best in getting this discussed and ultimately changed in policy. My daughter was born 31st August. Hand on heart, if I had known and been able, I would have concealed the birth for the 10 hours it would have taken to get her into the new school year.
    The school would call me regularly to come in and change he, as in the beginning, she would soil herself.
    She felt “behind” her friends. She didn’t fit in.
    She was obviously not ready. She has perhaps now got a handle on it, but looking to the future, I hate the thought of exams whose results will determine how she is viewed, and feels about herself, for the rest of her life.


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