These admission authorities HAVE allowed flexibility

c artwork for cufflink april 2011-1There wouldn’t be a campaign for greater admissions flexibility if countless parents were not facing strong opposition to enrolling their 5 year old summer born children into reception classes.

However, there is also some very good news to report too; a number of admission authorities have agreed to the above request. Their flexibility and (in some cases) support deserves a mention here, and much thanks – for they have not only made decisions in the best interests of the children in their care, but they are also setting an example to others that this CAN be done, and it IS workable.

That said, the inconsistencies that exist throughout different local authorities and schools (e.g. different admissions authorities are coming to different decisions for the SAME child) born children, and/or following protracted battles involving the submission of copious documentation and evidence in support of their request.

The list below are just some of the examples (not confirmed by this site) parents have told us about:

  • Barnett
  • Bracknell Forest
  • Bradford
  • Cheshire East
  • County Durham
  • East Riding of Yorkshire
  • Greenwich
  • Hampshire
  • Harringey
  • Hertfordshire
  • Islington
  • Northamptonshire County
  • North Tyneside
  • Oxford
  • Reading and West Berkshire
  • South Gloucestershire
  • Stockport
  • Stockton-on-Tees
  • Suffolk
  • West Sussex
  • Wiltshire
  • Windsor and Maidenhead
  • York

One wrote to the parent involved: “…we are flexible in our approach and therefore agree to your request, if this is your wish.

May 2014 note: Some of the ‘success’ cases above are still only individual cases and don’t always indicate future success for other parents of summer born children living in those areas. This campaign would like to see equitable access to a full education for ALL summer born children, whether they start school in reception before or at CSA.

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1 Response to These admission authorities HAVE allowed flexibility

  1. Michelle says:

    I was wondering what will happen at secondary school age. Will the children have to go straight from year 5 into secondary school or will the secondary schools allow them to go in late as well.


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