Summer born irony in China

100_3152This week, the article ‘Schooling policy brings about a C-section rush‘ describes how August has become a highly sought after month for children to be born in China – so that they won’t have to wait an extra year before starting school.

The school entry cut-off in China is September 1st, and parents there are very keen to make sure their children enter school earlier rather than later – in order to “get a head start in the competitive society” Tho Xin Yi writes.

However, aside from other social and cultural differences that exist between China and the UK, there is one big difference here that is likely to have an effect on their preference too. And that is, the school starting age.

Only Chinese children who have reached the age of 6 before September 1st are allowed to enrol in primary schools, so many parents don’t want them to wait until they are almost 7 years old. This is a far cry from the situation of many parents here, who don’t want their children to start school age 4 (when they’re not ready), but equally, don’t want them penalised for waiting until age 5.

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