Support for Summer Borns in Parliament tonight

14-Jun-10 annette brook mp at westminster campaign day

Annette Brooke MP (Photo courtesy of @NCE2014)

More details to follow soon, but the feedback so far from a Parliamentary seminar in the House of Commons this evening is very positive for summer born children.

The seminar asked, “What is the future for Early Years Education?” and speakers including Professor Richard House and Annette Brooke MP highlighted the injustice facing the very youngest children in our schools – i.e. our (just) 4 year old boys and girls being forced to embark on their formal education a whole year early or else face losing a whole year of their education later on.

Read more here:

All photos courtesy of @NCE2014

14-Jun-10 prof richard house at westminster campaign day

Professor Richard House, ‘Too Much Too Soon’ campaign

14-Jun-10 barry sheerman mp at westminster campaign day

Barry Sheerman MP

14-Jun-10 bill esterson mp at westminster campaign day

Bill Esterson MP

14-Jun-10 early years seminar in parliament

Seminar information


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