School Admissions Code Consultation – Have Your Say!

IMG_3865The School Admissions Code is going to change – and the Department for Education is seeking YOUR views on its proposals for new revisions by September 29, 2014.

Consultation is OPEN TO ALL – you just need to read the proposed Draft Document and submit your comments.

The Summer Born campaign group has repeatedly pointed to problems within the current School Admissions Code. For example:

*Ambiguity in the School Admissions Code has reduced the Compulsory School Age in England to 4 for Summer Born children
*It’s the Code, Stupid
*The Complex Web our Admissions System Weaves

To prevent the subjective, biased and discriminatory process that exists now, this is what we’d like to see in the Code:

Parents who wish their summer born (April 1st – August 31st inclusive) child to enter Reception class at compulsory school age must submit an application for the relevant academic year. The application must be treated equitably with children starting school prior to compulsory school age, and the child can remain with that year group cohort for the remainder of their education.

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2 Responses to School Admissions Code Consultation – Have Your Say!

  1. sheryl says:

    I’ve had a conversation with my local primary school and council today and have been advised that I can defer my child starting school until after his 5th Birthday and he will still be able to start in foundation and not year 1. My biggest concern was that he would be put straight into year 1 but new legislation stops this from being the case. Is this true?


  2. Catherine Mackinlay says:

    Apparently, the results of the consultation will be published in Dec’14 alongside another non statutory piece of guidance concerning summer born children (which can be ignored at will by educators). When is the DFE going to get this issue right and publish statutory guidance reflecting a child’s right to a continous national curriculum? Or shall we simply wait for the Education Select Comiitee or the Childrens Comissioner to launch an investigation?


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