Cameron Found Pre-Compulsory School Age ‘Challenging’ for Florence

IMG_6926The Prime Minister was quoted in the Daily Mail yesterday talking about how a good early years experience can have “the best chance of transforming a child’s life“.

However, the Summer Born Campaign is very troubled by talk of “services targeted at getting children school-ready by age 4” when legally, no child needs to be in education before the term following their 5th birthday.

It reinforces an entrenched culture that this is what ‘should‘ happen with every child, even if David Cameron’s intentions are good. He is also reported to have said, “Believe me, with a four-year-old with a birthday in August, I know just how challenging that can be as people come up to that September deadline.”

I wondered when I read this, ‘is it possible that even the country’s leader and his wife may be among the many parents who are simply not aware that their summer born child doesn’t have to commence their education in the term following their 4th birthday – but actually up to a whole year later?‘ I wonder did they actively choose to enrol their daughter Florence at age 4 or not?

Or if they did know, did they also perhaps share the concerns of other parents that their child might be made to miss Reception class or any other year in school later on – especially since a number of London admission authorities have now warned parents of this?

Are you encouraged by the apparent recognition from the prime minister of the issues faced by summer born children starting school?

Or, like Rosie Dutton, are you concerned by the idea that the solution is to do more to get four-year-olds ready for school?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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1 Response to Cameron Found Pre-Compulsory School Age ‘Challenging’ for Florence

  1. Rebecca says:

    it concerns me greatly. My #summerborn is no way emotionally ready to be away from his family 5 days a week 38 weeks of the year PLUS attend nursery in the school holidays because of course mothers have to be at work as often as possible!! So for the additional 13 weeks of the year he will be in nursery 3 days week too. No amount of “preparation” will get him ready for that. Kids should be kids and family time is one of the most important things for a child to grow up forming healthy loving relationships. Children should be in RECEPTION at age 5. Not 4. David Cameron solution is not a solution at all. It’s not in the child’s best interest but in his to get mothers back to work!! Disgusting. He will lose a lot of votes over this as a lot of mothers are outraged. Reception at compulsory school age 5 please!!!


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