Steve Biddulph Formally Supports the Summer Born Campaign

steve biddulph picI am delighted to report that Steve Biddulph, one of the world’s best  known parent educators, and a retired psychologist, has lent his full support to our campaign.

He has asked me to publish the following statement:

What the Summer Born Campaign is asking is simply for all summer born children to be allowed access to the same full, uninterrupted, curriculum as other children, regardless of whether they start school early or on time.

To do otherwise infringes their human rights. This really must be remedied, or a significant cohort of UK children will go on having a damaging and inferior experience of schooling, with all the life-affecting implications of this.

Parents today are aware and informed and deeply concerned at the anomaly that harms these children merely through the timing of their birth.

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7 Responses to Steve Biddulph Formally Supports the Summer Born Campaign

  1. It’s really good to see someone who is known globally acknowledge the issue and lend his support. I followed the discussions on his Facebook pages and it was refreshing to see the majority of the commentors really ‘got it’.


  2. Rebecca says:

    I have spoken to several people with older summer born children who have told me that their children all suffered academically and emotionally throughout school. It is not a case of preparing them earlier as they are simply not developmentally or emotionally ready to be taught to read and write that early!


    • Sharon says:

      So glad to hear someone in power has an ounce of common sense at last. I wander if he would support allowing parents to keep a summer born child who’s already in the system back a year in order to give the child a chance to mature and catch up?


  3. birchrm says:

    A well respected man who talks a lot of sense and understands that it is not simply about getting children “school ready at age 4” (Mr Cameron), or that reception class can cater for the needs of all children. As parents we see the bigger picture and do not want for our children to have “an inferior experience of schooling.” Thank you Mr Biddulph.


  4. Charlotte says:

    It is great to see this best selling author on education and psychologist supporting the Summer born campaign. The evidence of the importance and the need for summer born children to have access to the same full, uninterrupted, curriculum when starting at CSA continues to grow.


  5. Sarah hall says:

    Finally, a specialist who is listening to parents and taking on board our situation. Let’s hope more professionals step up and help us too.


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