Campaign Fights for Freedom of Information

The Summer Born Campaign supports the efforts of the Campaign for Freedom of Information, since the FOI Act has been hugely important in our work.

If you want more information or if you want to get involved (e.g. sign the petition), there is further information here.The website reads:

The government has announced a new Commission to examine the FOI Act and consider what further restrictions should be imposed on the right to know.

In a letter co-ordinated by the Campaign, over 140 media bodies and campaign groups and others have written to the Prime Minister expressing concern about the Commission’s composition and terms of reference.

After sitting for 3 months, the Commission has now finally invited the public to submit evidence to it. The consultation paper suggests that it is considering sweeping restrictions to the legislation, including:

  • imposing charges for requests
  • making it easier to refuse requests on cost grounds
  • making it more difficult to obtain public authorities’ internal discussions, or excluding some from access altogether
  • strengthening ministers’ powers to veto disclosures
  • changing the way the Act is enforced.

The case for strengthening the Act is not on the agenda.

The Campaign together with ARTICLE 19 held a briefing meeting on October 21 for organisations proposing to respond to the consultation. The meeting was attended by nearly 60 organisations. A copy of the slides from the meeting are available here.

How you can get involved

There are 4 ways you can help (click to expand):

  • Respond to the consultation drawing on your own experience of the value of the FOI Act
  • Write to your MP
  • Submit your FOI stories to
  • Sign a petition
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