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Meme by Rosie Dutton

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5 Responses to Be Like Nick

  1. Pooja says:

    Good one, but unfortunately all schools doesn’t want same.


  2. RAJESH Menon says:

    Nick Gibbs may be smart, but things are not working. Suffolk County Council refused my son’s application. He must start Reception after Easter and Year 1 from September 2016.


  3. Elena says:

    Rajesh, you can join the FB group Flexible Admissions for Summer Born Children and ask for support there.

    The LA cannot refuse the request to start school at CSA from reception without clearly communicating to you the reasons why it is in the best interest of the child to miss a whole year of education when starting on time at compulsory school age. They just cannot tell you you should start the year before either, it is not up to them to decide (see The Admissions Code 2.17 and 2.17a and Education Act 1996 Section 7).

    The problem with the current code is that it does give the unscrupulous admission authorities plenty of opportunities to make the application process for parents a real hell. Many give up, but those who have the resilience, stamina and time have the poor decisions overturned during the complaints procedure.

    The current code is terribly flawed. It allows only those who are clued up, articulate and with funds (to obtain “professional evidence” that so many admission authorities demand) to be successful first time round. Or those lucky to be in the area of a smart local authority.

    Others are left with months and months of uncertainty battling bureaucrats who are keen to keep the neat 12 month grouping in the interest of the system, not the child.


  4. H says:

    Hi All
    Just received a message on my phone from the head of one of the schools i applied for my son to start in reception at csa. She basically said her school will not allow it and that my son would only be considered to be with his chronological age group!! So, it would mean him missing reception class.
    This school is in Barnet. I plan to put in a complaint to the LA and the Education Dept.
    All this after we sent in medical letters too!

    This is just madness!


  5. Alex Gravett says:

    This is perfect but I have just spoken to the West Sussex district council and the lady on the phone laughed when I explained my partner was Scandinavian and I wanted my child to have a year of reception/play learning at 5yrs old rather than pushing her into full time learning similar to what our more advanced countries are able to provide and she replied with England have been sending children to school at four for years so it is ok… We used to put children up chimneys but we have realised that needed to be changed! Pity this process can not be speeded up to stop the local councils not only causing havoc for children and their parents but also for wasting money trying to prevent something rather than working with it.


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