Summer Born School Start is Parents’ Decision

2016-09-15 16.35.00.jpgIt’s YOUR decision WHEN your child starts school (or alternative education).

CSAge is CSAge. End of.

You don’t need to be telling admission authorities why your child is ‘not ready’ for school at age four. That is irrelevant.

This is NOT about ‘school readiness’, this is about primary legislation.
CSAge and best interests AT THAT POINT.

Ask THEM to prove why missing reception would be beneficial to your child.
Ask THEM to prove why a Year 1 start would be in your child’s best interests.
You have no explaining to do. They do.

  • Written by Rosie Dutton


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3 Responses to Summer Born School Start is Parents’ Decision

  1. psw260259 says:

    Well said – turn it on its head – and asks schools to explain


  2. Claire Penter says:

    Useful article. I’ve been stuck in a trap of trying to prove my son isn’t ready for about to turn the debate on its head. The lea have said its in my sons best interest to start at 4 and if he doesn’t I face a year 1 start even though no one has said this is in best interests. The headteacher to the contrary.


  3. Elena says:

    Unfortunately, there are local authorities that turn the legislation upside down. Surrey County Council, for example, tells parents they “must demonstrate why it would be in the child’s best interests to be admitted out of their chronological year group”.

    They are misleading local parents. Their only remit is to decide what year group is in the best interest of the child and the onus to prove that missing a full year of education is on them. The Code says that the admission authority must give clear reasons for their decision.


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