Leicestershire County Council’s Financial Settlement Following Summer Born Admissions Fight

In today’s Leicester Mercury, Fiona Dryden describes Stephanie Walsgrove’s fight with Leicestershire County Council to allow her daughter, Amelia, to enter Reception class at CSAge in September 2017: Leicestershire mum wins battle to delay her daughter’s school start.

The article refers to this 2016 Local Government Ombudsman decision, and includes a statement from the council, saying “we agreed with the Ombudsman to make a small financial settlement to Mrs Walsgrove which recognises the time and trouble caused to her.

This demonstrates yet another cost associated with the DfE’s delay in implementing a clear and fair admissions process for all summer born children, and indeed if every parent in the Summer Born Campaign group were to be compensated for the “time and trouble” (and expenses) they’ve spent on admissions battles over the years, the cost would be quite considerable.

  • Written by author and journalist Pauline Hull
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