Summer Born Campaign’s Michelle Melson Presenting at Education Event in Wales

Michelle MelsonMichelle Melson, co-leader of the Summer Born Campaign, will be speaking at the latest CPE Learning Exchange (LEX) event: Educational Difference – Flexing and Personalising Education.

It takes place on Saturday 4 November 2017 (10am – 4.20pm) in Conwy, Wales and promises a diverse line up, interesting inputs and discussion running throughout the day (follow at #AlternativeEducationalFutures).

Michelle Melson is one of the lead campaigners of the Summer Born Campaign Group. Michele is a parent of a summer born boy and she didn’t want him to start school a few months after their 4th birthday. She believed that it was in her son’s best interests to wait until he reached compulsory school age. On January 15, 2014, Michelle and Pauline Hull published their Summer Born Report titled, ‘Compulsory School Age in England has been Lowered to 4 through an Unfair and Unlawful Summer Born Admissions Process‘ (also see accompanying press release).The report contains numerous examples of Unlawful and Unfair Policies and Practices; Evidence of Inconsistency, Contradiction and Errors in DfE publications and Ministers’ statements; an extensive Glossary of Legislation that relates to school admissions; an insightful and detailed Admissions History; plus, examples of Parents’ Experiences. Media coverage of the report’s publication can be found in the News section of their site. Following their numerous submissions of evidence (all on website and final February 23 submission is available here), Michelle was invited to appear as a witness during the Education Committee’s Evidence Check on March 4, 2015. Michelle attended and gave evidence on behalf of the Summer Born Campaign.

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2 Responses to Summer Born Campaign’s Michelle Melson Presenting at Education Event in Wales

  1. SamOz says:

    Out of interest, in England it is said that a child is ‘out of age group’ if starting Reception class at CSAge. What term do the Scottish use for the youngest children who choose to delay starting school by a year (and have the automatic right)? Are they also out of age group? Or are the Scottish age groups flexible/inclusive?


  2. Sarah fletcher says:

    I am embarking on this stressful unnecessary pantomime. I live in Leeds and have been told,in no uncertain terms,that unless my August born son has special needs and accompanying STRONG evidence,that my application will be declined!
    Anybody had an experienced in Leeds?


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