Mumsnet Summer Born Guest Post

Rosie - OliviaThe Summer Born Campaign‘s Rosie Dutton provided an update on her daughter’s progress after starting school at age 5, instead of age 4.

In this week’s Guest Post, A later start can be the best thing for many children, Rosie says Olivia is grateful for her mum’s decision, and as she approaches the end of Year 3, she has a better understanding of admissions law than some adults.

Rosie writes, “She often corrects adults who tell her she ‘should’ be in Year 4, saying, ‘I could be in Year 4, not should.’

Rosie also expresses continued disappointment in the DfE, and Schools Minister Nick Gibb, for failing to follow through on assurances to ensure all summer born children have information about and access to the same education path Olivia is taking.

Instead, there are still parents fighting for the right of their child to enter Reception class (not Year 1) at CSAge, and to continue their education without being made to skip a whole year later on.

Rosie has also written about this issue on her own website (mum in the moment),
Why primary school wasn’t ready for my four year old“, and you can follow her on Twitter here.

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