Susie Quinlan, Hampshire

Success Story:

I am the mother of three boys, one of whom was born on the 31 August 2005. He was due to start school in September 2009 according to the local policy. He would have been the absolute youngest in the class, nearly a year younger than some of his classmates. I knew he simply wasn’t ready for school, and would benefit from another year at nursery. I wrote to the local education authority to ask if this would be possible, as I knew legally he didn’t have to go to school until the term after he was five. They wrote back to say that yes, I could delay his start date by up to a year, but he would still have to join that class. This seemed to totally miss the point, they were suggesting that I could delay his entry, and he could start in September 2010 but into a class that had already been together and at school for a year. Letters went back and forth, I clearly explained that I wished my child to start school when he was just five rather than just four, and therefore be the eldest in the class rather than the youngest. They agreed in the end, and I have to say I have no regrets. He is, in my opinion, (and the school’s), in the right class for his age and ability.”


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