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SB twitterEvery week, the Summer Born Campaign hears from parents whose head teachers and/or admission authorities have responded to their enquiries and requests for Reception class entry at CSAge.

Some responses are encouraging and positive while others are defiant and shocking.  For all the latest updates, posted on Twitter by Michelle Melson, follow @sb_campaign.


Study: ADHD Dramatically Reduced with Later Kindergarten Enrollment

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Stanford’s Graduate School of Education has highlighted a new study titled, The Gift of Time? School Starting Age and Mental Health, which authors Professor Thomas S. Dee and Hans Henrik Sievertsen say “could help parents in viewing the pros and cons of postponing enrolling their child in kindergarten up to a year later.

Journalist George Zapo reports on their findings in his October 22 article, Delayed Kindergarten Enrollment Dramatically Reduces ADHD In Children, Study Shows,and reports how “Delaying kindergarten enrollment for one year shows significant mental health benefits for children” and “dramatically reduces inattention and hyperactivity at age seven“. Continue reading

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Why in God’s Name are Catholic Schools so Obsessed with Chronological Age?

IMG_3534Admission authorities’ responses to the Schools Minister’s ‘Take Immediate Action’ letter have been varied, but among those most stubbornly refusing to allow Reception class entry to CSAge summer born children are ‘own admission authority‘ schools within Catholic Dioceses – Why???

The Schools Minister Nick Gibb has said he wants summer born children to access a full 12 years of uninterrupted education (Sept.2015).

The National Governors’ Association has recommended that all its members allow Reception class entry at CSAge (June 2015).

Yet many Catholic schools are refusing to budge; Continue reading

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DfE Confirms ‘New Year’ Code Consultation

Stephen Hammond MP

In response to a written question from Wimbledon Conservative MP Stephen Hammond, the Schools Minister Nick Gibb has confirmed that, “Work is now underway to assess what other changes it might be appropriate to make to the Admissions Code. We hope to have a draft Code ready for consultation in the New Year.

Stephen Hammond MP had two questions answered by the Department for Education on October 29 2015; one regarding the government’s proposed timing of the Code consultation and the other regarding using a child’s due date for admissions purposes: Continue reading


Pressure to Reduce Compulsory School Age ‘by the Back Door’ Reaches New Punitive Low

Parents and Play Penalised outside Preschool setting

In Sunday’s Guardian, Political Editor Patrick Wintour reported on social engineering an parent pressure at its worst: “No pre-school, no child benefit, Tory thinktank says in report on poverty

With flagrant disregard for England’s CSAge and a parent’s legal right to wait until the term following their child’s 5th birthday before commencing education, the report says liberal Conservative pressure group Bright Blue suggests: “Parents should be denied child benefit if they do not send their children to pre-school education from the age of three…[and] should apply to a parent in the case of a child aged two if the toddler comes from a disadvantaged background…

Bright Blue says, “it is essential to seek new ways to persuade parents” but importantly, the Pre-School Learning Alliance agrees with the Summer Born Campaign‘s view and has rejected the idea completely. Continue reading

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Danish Research Highlights Mental Health Benefits of Later School Start

IMG_6892Rebecca Adams, writing in The Huffington Post (Delaying Kindergarten Could Benefit Kids’ Mental Health) reports on new research from Denmark that is worth reading in the context of summer born children starting school in England.

Not because all summer born children should therefore wait until CSAge before starting school, but rather to demonstrate that there is research to support the fact it can be in the best interests of many.

Also worth noting is how this research looked at age 5 versus age 6 entry whereas in England parents are choosing between age 4 and age 5 entry with a curriculum that includes literacy, numeracy and testing from the outset… again, just food for thought.

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Parents of Summer Born Happy – or Happier – in Hertfordshire

Herts pic Sandra Greenbank 3 SB children

Sandra Greenbank’s three children are summer born

Hertfordshire County Council has told parents it “has amended its policy regarding summer born children. If your child was born between 1 April and 31 August 2012, and you do not believe they will be ready to start reception in the 2016/17 academic year, you may instead make an application for your child to start reception in September 2017.

The council is asking parents to complete a short anonymous survey on its page Reception entry and summer born children.

This is excellent news for parents living in Hertfordshire, though for Sandra Greenbank, the news is bittersweet; her two youngest summer born children, Vincent and Saga, will now have access to Reception class at CSAge, but the change comes too late for her eldest child, Astrid, who started school early at age 4. Continue reading

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