Kids of Summer – New Under 5 magazine article

U5 may 2015 article
You can READ the May 2015 Under 5 ‘Kids of summer’ HERE

The article focuses on providing early years practitioners and professionals information on summer born school admissions rules, including the legal rights of parents, and busting common myths.

It was written by the Summer Born Campaign‘s Michelle Melson and Pauline Hull.

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MP Support for Summer Born Campaign

11-Oct-25-27 cj rocking chair face paint magic show cakes pix 017Election over; let’s hope a new Parliament with the support of the MPs below (and more besides) will ensure summer born children finally have fair and equal access to a full education when they start school at CSAge and not before.

*Dave Anderson, Labour (Blaydon):  “…Happy to support you and the @sb_campaign…

*Tom Brake, Lib Dem (Carshalton & Wallington): “Happy to support the #summerborn @sb_campaign

*Fiona Bruce, Conservative (Congleton): “Thankyou for your email which I have received and am carefully consideringContinue reading

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DfE Promised Flexibility but Look what it Chose to Change in the Code

IMG_6840DfE Ministers (very likely because they have limited detailed knowledge of what DfE officials are actually doing behind the scenes – though this is no excuse) keep stating publicly that “the key thing is flexibility“; we want to “empower parents” and we “will take action [if schools] are not paying attention to parental demand“.

But the truth is, the DfE has made a bad situation (2012 Code) worse (2014 Code), and even rewritten its Summer Born Advice in a way that gives admissions authorities more loop holes than ever before, and has helped them to ‘legally’ refuse fair and equal access to 12 years of education for our children.

Here’s how: Continue reading

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In Law: Some Summer Born Children are More Equal Than Others

IMG_0545Once you start looking at summer born children and the 2010 Equality Act, it’s pretty difficult to stop.

And once you throw summer born children with additional needs into the mix, it becomes even harder.

In this article, Summer Born Campaign member Catherine Mackinlay Henderson explores the similarities and differences in terms of the LEGAL RIGHTS of  summer born children, with and without SEN, SSEN/EHCP, and explains who the Equality Act best protects, and how the UNCRC is also applicable.

The current inequality of access to a full and fair education for all summer born children in England is unquestionably evident, but what does the law have to say about it? Continue reading

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61 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates Supporting Summer Born Campaign Ahead of Election

11-Mar-14-16 rocking chair rushmoor chilworth gym birdworld 001 - CopyBelow is a list of PPCs who have responded to members of the Summer Born Campaign (mostly via Twitter) asking whether they support our call for summer born children to have the automatic right to 12 years of primary and secondary education whether they start at compulsory school age or one year early.

*Dave Anderson, Labour (Blaydon):  “…Happy to support you and the @sb_campaign…

*Laween Atroshi, Labour (Surrey Heath): “I support the fantastic @sb_campaign
Tory-led Surrey County Council should do the same.

*James Barber, Lib Dem (East Dulwich): “Yes makes lots of sense (especially as parent of one)” “Lets talk after 8 May how we can get some common sense changes to such a daft policy…

*Malcolm Birks, Labour (Skipton & Ripon): “Yes I will – well done on your campaign

*Tom Brake, Lib Dem (Carshalton & Wallington): “Happy to support the #summerborn @sb_campaignContinue reading

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Labour’s Tristam Hunt Says He’d “Look At” Summer Born Issue

IMG_6840As part of the Telegraph’s Election round up, Emily Gosden reported that Tristram Hunt, Labour’s shadow education secretary, said he would launch a review of the rules governing when summer born children start school.

Taking part in a chat with Mumsnet, Mr Hunt acknowledged it was a “growing issue for many parents” and said an incoming education secretary would have to “look at it”. Continue reading

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Lib Dem’s David Laws’ Summer Born Views Differ from Government’s

IMG_6842In a pre-election webchat with the Telegraph, former DfE Minister of State for Schools David Laws was asked: What is your stance on summer-born children and whether they should have the right to delay their entry to school?

He replied: “I believe that local authorities and schools should respect the views of parents on this issue. We need to keep this under review to see if further action by the government is necessary to strengthen parents rights.

However we have seen numerous examples of correspondence from Mr. Laws in which he insists that local decisions are best, including his shocking October 2012 response to a desperate parent whose summer born child was being forced to miss Year 7 (going straight from Year 6 to Year 8): “It is the government’s belief that such decisions are best left with the professionals, such as the head teacher in the school… I wish X every success in the future“. Continue reading

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