Still No Word from DfE on Summer Born Children ‘Losing Out’

17-Nov Richard House interview Michelle Melson - TEY 7.6 Critical cornerIn the latest issue of ‘Teach Early Years‘, early years campaigner Richard House interviews co-leader of the Summer Born Campaign, Michelle Melson, about why the DfE is dragging its feet over promised changes for summer born children, and the seriously adverse effects this is having on their education.

Read ‘Summer-borns are still losing out‘ here.


Summer Born Campaign’s Michelle Melson Presenting at Education Event in Wales

Michelle MelsonMichelle Melson, co-leader of the Summer Born Campaign, will be speaking at the latest CPE Learning Exchange (LEX) event: Educational Difference – Flexing and Personalising Education.

It takes place on Saturday 4 November 2017 (10am – 4.20pm) in Conwy, Wales and promises a diverse line up, interesting inputs and discussion running throughout the day (follow at #AlternativeEducationalFutures). Continue reading

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Solutions to Summer Born SEN Discussed in Schools Week Article

SB picIn a Schools Week article this weekend, Stephen Gorard, professor of public policy at Durham University, says we must Stop labelling summer-born pupils as SEN!

He makes some excellent points, but on the subject of “age-standardisation of all results”, we disagree.

This is the comment I posted beneath the article:

Unfortunately what may start out as SEN misdiagnosis can often materialise into actual problems in summer born children.

See: Investigation of SEN misdiagnosis should include DfE’s role in ‘Correct but Avoidable’ diagnosis of Summer Born children Continue reading

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BBC Radio 4’s Whodunnit? Investigates Summer Born Issue

SB - BBC Radio 4 Whodunnit summer born picThe Summer Born Campaign‘s Michelle Melson is interviewed in episode 4 of a new BBC Radio 4 five-part series asking, Whodunnit?, The Calendar Conspiracy

Presenter: Michael Blastland
Producer: Katherine Godfrey
A Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4

Children born in summer do worse than children born in autumn or winter. Continue reading

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Campaign Coverage on BBC Radio 5 Live

Michelle MelsonBBC Radio 5 Live’s presenter Sam Walker hosted an excellent discussion on the Summer Born Campaign this morning, with guests including Michelle Melson (campaign leader) and Fiona McGuckin (parent of a summer born child).

You can listen to it here (at 40 min, 1hr 55min, 2hr 13min), and below are some highlights from the debate.

Michelle Melson (pictured): “Tinkering with tests is not going to fix the summer born issue. It’s not the answer to children missing a year of school.Continue reading


Not the First Time? Summer Born Adults Recall Being Made to Miss a Year of School in the 1970s

img_4756Anyone else miss out on a year of primary school?
A few years ago, I came across the discussion forum above.

It describes a chronological reorganisation of children in school, which does not appear to have considered their individual best interests, and includes the anecdotes below.

“…a girl in my brother’s class was suddenly found to be too old for his year, was put up to my year but was the youngest“.

I think it has something to do with them changing the school years from “children born in 1974” to “children born from Sept 1973-August 1974” – as another friend (who I was with in the first year… was born in October 1974 but he stayed behind and completed his 1st year infants and didn’t leave for secondary school until September 1986 – a full year after me.Continue reading


Campaign Leader To Discuss Educational Change at ‘Learning Exchange’ Event in London

Michelle MelsonThe Summer Born Campaign‘s Michelle Melson has been invited to participate in a special Learning Exchange (LEX) event in London this month, where she will discuss campaigning for change in education. 

Re-imagining School is on June 24th and the topic is RUNNING A SUCCESSFUL EDUCATION CHANGE CAMPAIGN

Michelle Melson and Pauline Hull are the lead campaigners of the Summer Born Campaign Group. Both are parents of summer born boys who didn’t want them to start school a few months after their 4th birthday, and believed that it was in the boys’ best interests to wait until they reached compulsory school age.

On January 15, 2014, they published their Summer Born Report  Continue reading

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