Summer born discussion on BBC Radio Ulster today

Liz Fawcett

The BBC radio programme Talkback, today discussed the subject of allowing a flexible school start for summer born children. Guests included the ParentsOutloud campaigner Liz Fawcett, and the Education Minister, who has promised to at least consider the possibility (see press release for more information).

You can to can listen again to today’s Talkback here.

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1 Response to Summer born discussion on BBC Radio Ulster today

  1. Marie-Louise Charlton says:

    The once a year intake has only been introduced comparatively recently in some LAs and many practitioners will remember when children were admitted to school three times a year with seemingly no detriment and in fact with obvious benefits to children. Most Head Teachers welcomed the concept of a once a year intake as “bums on seats” means more money for the school coffers (school functions as a business now) and for many parents it means no more part time education and the possibility of taking full time work. With this seemingly strong acceptance of a “once a year” intake it now seems to be written in stone with the unfortunate consequences that we are now experiencing. Those professionals strongly grounded in early years knowledge and expertise have always fought for flexible entry to reception class knowing that the child is the important factor in this equation and that all other considerations are secondary. WHY HAS THIS BEEN LOST SIGHT OF BY SO MANY?

    Marie-Louise Charlton
    EY Education Consultant


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