National Children’s Day UK – May 15th

national childrens dayThe first National Children’s Day is being celebrated today – Celebrating the Rights and Freedoms of Children – by organisers (read more in this Nursery World article).

Childhood is precious. It creates the values, mindsets and dispositions that determine our interaction with the world around us for the rest of our lives. Children, therefore, have one very special right – and that is the ability to be able to develop, naturally and happily, to their full potential. National Children’s Day UK is dedicated to helping ensure that this can happen.

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1 Response to National Children’s Day UK – May 15th

  1. Leoarna says:

    Today, the pre-school that I chair and which my daughter attends took a group of children and parents to the beach. We searched for treasure, played in a little park, built ponds, boats and bridges on the beach, made a fire, cooked food and melted marshmallows together. Glorious, perfect – every child free to be, to play, to feel safe amongst family and friends.


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