c artwork for cufflink april 2011-1Following months of research, Michelle Melson and Pauline Hull have today published the 87 page report titled: Compulsory School Age in England has been Lowered to 4 through an Unfair and Unlawful Summer Born Admissions Process.

The report claims 2012 School Admissions Code is not fit for purpose, and on the deadline day for all primary school admission applications, calls on the Education Secretary to amend the Code, and use his powers to intervene in all cases of unlawful, unfair and unreasonable admissions practices in the interim – before Reception places are allocated on April 16, 2014. Please see 3 page PRESS RELEASE for more information and contact details.

The report contains numerous examples of unlawful and unfair policies and practices; evidence of inconsistency, contradiction and errors in DfE publications and Ministers’ statements; an extensive Glossary of Legislation that relates to school admissions; an insightful and detailed Admissions History; and examples of the experiences of parents.

Media coverage of the report can be found in the News section of this site.

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