Kids of Summer – New Under 5 magazine article

U5 may 2015 article
You can READ the May 2015 Under 5 ‘Kids of summer’ HERE

The article focuses on providing early years practitioners and professionals information on summer born school admissions rules, including the legal rights of parents, and busting common myths.

It was written by the Summer Born Campaign‘s Michelle Melson and Pauline Hull.

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6 Responses to Kids of Summer – New Under 5 magazine article

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  2. birchrm says:

    It is great to see the “myths” being talked about here. There are so many misconceptions about when a child has to start reception class. Hopefully early years practitioners will learn from this article. Thank you to Pauline and Michelle.


  3. Ella says:

    What a great article-should be a compulsory read for all educational professionals! I am fortunate to have received a wonderful response for our head teacher about my son starting reception at compulsory school age but it shouldn’t be such a postcode lottery. I hope more professionals will take this information on board


  4. Sarah Hall says:

    Excellent clarity and detail in this article that should help EYP to be able to understand the issues and support parents in their right to give their child 12 years of equal education.


  5. Gem says:

    so glad this has been published – early years practitioners really need to read this


  6. Alice Roberts says:

    Very clear article, I will be sharing this with my sons preschool and others who want to know more about their options. Thanks.


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