Irony as Lancashire Issues Most Fines For Children Missing School

img_4777This week (October 19), the Lancashire Evening Post reported that ‘Lancashire tops chart for issuing fines to parents if kids miss school’.

The irony of this is not lost on parents of summer born children, many of whom are fighting for their children’s access to Reception class at CSAge – instead of missing an “essential” year of education (DfE definition) and going straight into Year 1.

In fact it’s shocking just how many admissions authorities throughout the country are willing to fine parents on the one hand, while advising parents of summer born children that even if they do enter Reception class at CSAge, they will be made to miss a whole year of school later on.

The phrase ‘Robbing Peter to Pay Paul‘ comes to mind with Lancashire County Council:
Council Cries Poverty While Wasting £££s on Summer Born Admissions
LGO Finds Fault with Lancashire County Council’s Summer Born Admissions Process

  • Written by author and journalist Pauline Hull
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2 Responses to Irony as Lancashire Issues Most Fines For Children Missing School

  1. Shantotto says:

    This is ludicrous – they can’t insist children miss a year of essential education and yet fine others for missing a day or so! Crazy decision.


  2. Aneta Wolanczyk says:

    LCC fined me for missing 4 days of son’s education.The same council denies my daughter twelve month of education.Double standards?


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