Admissions Authorities with Automatic Summer Born Admission to Reception Class at CSAge

2016-09-15-16-35-00Here is a list of some of the councils and schools that now allow summer born children the automatic right to enter Reception class at CSAge – without any costly, combative and time-consuming requirements for parents to provide arbitrary reasons and evidence.

Also, unlike other admissions authorities, they do not require parents to submit a primary school application for age 4 entry while their age 5 entry request is being processed – there is no appetite or need for two bites of the cherry.   We say thank you to:

Liverpool City Council
“Following a review of reception class deferral requests and mindful of the DfE’s statement of intent to make it a future automatic right for parents of summer born children to defer reception class in an upcoming review of the School Admissions Code, Liverpool Local Authority has taken the decision to adopt a protocol whereby any future requests for reception class deferral for community and voluntary controlled schools from the parents of summer born children will be approved for reception class deferral for the following year.”

Cumbria County Council
“In line with government recommendation, the county council will admit these children into a Reception class a year later than usual at their parents’ request. These children will remain eligible for their full entitlement to schooling, and will subsequently transfer to junior (where applicable) and secondary school with other children in the year group in which they have been educated, rather than with their ‘chronological cohort’.
Other requests, for early or delayed transfer to secondary school, for example, will be considered on their individual merits. Unlike delayed entry for summer-born children, others have no automatic right to education outside of their chronological age group, although there is no legal bar to this.”

“If your summer born child was born between 1 April 2012 and 31 August 2012, you can apply for a place to start in September 2017. We have agreed that all community and voluntary controlled schools will accept “late” applications for summer born children. However, some schools and academies are responsible for their own school admissions so this decision is theirs to make. Contact the school or academy direct to discuss the application for your summer born child.”

Wandsworth Council
“Following the government’s announcement in September, the Council has recommended to all state schools in its area that requests are approved without the need for parents to provide supporting evidence.  The Council is the admission authority for community schools in Wandsworth.  For academies, foundation schools, free schools or voluntary aided schools, the decision as to whether to accept an application for delayed admission rests with the school itself in line with current School Admission Code.  Please contact these schools direct for further advice.”

Devon County Council
“Summer-born children (born from 1 April to 31 August) can also defer until January or Easter or to the next September with a fresh application for year 1 or for delayed admission to reception. We have issued this guidance to parents following an open letter to parents, schools and local authorities from Nick Gibb, Schools’ Minister on 8 September 2015, giving a commitment from the government that the School Admissions Code will be amended… Admissions authorities are encouraged to agree to requests with immediate effect, ahead of any amendment of the Code.
We are encouraging academies and free, voluntary aided and foundation schools to have the same approach but decisions remain with OAA and they may still refuse to offer a place in that next year’s reception. You should discuss your wishes with any schools you are interested in for your child. An admission authority makes decisions about admissions for a school.”

Mariposa Primary (Free) School, Harrow
“Correspondence from the Department for Education and Government Ministers confirms they will soon be updating the School Admissions Code to give greater power to parents and carers to decide whether their summer-born child starts school aged 4 or 5. They will also be ensuring that once a child joins a cohort, they cannot be forced to ‘skip a year’ or ‘catch up’ by a different school in the future. In advance of this change, the Governors of Mariposa Primary School will honour the judgement of parents about what is in the best interests of the child, unless there are exceptional reasons why this shouldn’t be the case. If your child is born between April and August, please make your application to the school as normal, attaching a formal request for an out-of-year admission. We do not require any additional evidence.”

National Governors’ Association (NGA)
“The NGA encourages governing boards who are the admissions authority for their school to allow summer-born children to defer and begin reception a year later should parents wish for this to happen.” (June 5, 2015 newsletter; 3 months prior to Nick Gibb MP’s letter)

Permissive Examples

There are also some admissions authorities worth mentioning for their openness (and very often willingness) to allow Reception class entry at CSAge.

There is no automatic right, but parents tend to report very positive experiences of the admissions process to the Summer Born Campaign. We thank these progressives too:


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22 Responses to Admissions Authorities with Automatic Summer Born Admission to Reception Class at CSAge

  1. Jennie says:

    So many of these are nearby. It is heartbreaking to think we could be so close to somewhere our son would have the flexibility he needs for the best start to school.


  2. What a dreadful postcode lottery where some of our youngest and most vulnerable members of society are denied there legal rights if they don’t live in these areas of the country.
    Also what a waste of resources in other areas with all the battling parents have to do.
    This clearly shows that where there is a will for equality and an openess to change there is a way for allowing summer borns the same legal rights to a full education starting at compulsory school age that autumn and spring borns can automatically access.


  3. This also essentially shows the admission code needs ammending ASAP as children need the right to access academies and schools that are there admission authorities when they change into secondary school otherwise they are restricted and not being entitled fair access to the schools in their local area without the risk of missing a year’s education.


  4. ClareN says:

    It’s great to see a progressive stance for these few counties, however, the list is far too short. Postcode lottery indeed!


  5. This highlights the massive postcode lottery. I’m so grateful we live in Nottinghamshire and it looks like we’ll be getting a reception CSA start for our son after one email to the council. It should be this easy for everyone, and we need the government to move on legislation asap to ensure that it is. It shows the remarkable power of this campaign though, that some councils are now responding so positively.


    • Hi Flutterbiescraft,
      Did you have to provide any evidence in your email to the council or were they happy to grant you a deferral based on your belief that it will be better for your child? I also live in Nottinghamshire and would like my August born son to start Reception at 5. We don’t have any exceptional circumstances (SEN or prematurely born), just the fact that he is bilingual and a bit small for his age, but I believe that a later start would benefit him more, so I am wondering how to go about it, what sort of information to include in my deferral request letter? Will a simple request be enough or do I need to quote articles with scientific research?
      Many thanks


  6. Natalie says:

    So glad that my two summer borns get to live in Hertfordshire and get the right to start their education when it is in their best interests. My eldest had to repeat reception because this wasn’t in place when she started. That extra year made all the difference and she is thriving in year one now. My younger daughter will start at CSA thanks to Herts’ progressive attitude. So sad that if we lived a couple of miles in either direction, into Essex or Cambridgeshire they might not get this chance.


  7. Charlotte Aliyeva says:

    This is ridiculous, how can a child living in one part of the country have such an opportunity freely offered, when a child living some where else is denied? I don’t understand how the DfE and goverment are allowing this to occur.


  8. Karen says:

    Feeling very lucky that we live in Nottinghamshire. My summerborn little girl will now get full and equal access to Reception when she starts full time education at CSA just after she turns 5. How can access to a ‘full’ education be a postcode lottery?


  9. happygrecian says:

    Great for those living in those LAs. I actually DO live in Devon and my August born four year old has stayed at preschool this year. However I need to send her to a school just across the border where I work and I’m now wondering if she will be forced to start in Year 1 – I took a gamble that the DfE would have sorted this out by now. There are still a out of LAs that need to be TOLD by the DfE rather than just advised.


  10. J Warrington says:

    Should ask those LAs how much money they’re saving as a result of their summerborn policy vs LA’s like Kent…


  11. Louise says:

    I live in Merton which also seems permissive and granted my son entry into Reception after he turns five.
    I worry now about what will happen if we need to move area for our jobs.


  12. Susan says:

    ESCC ? Are you sure? Only they wanted lots of proof last year my August born ‘needed’ a deferral to consider it!!


  13. Sofia says:

    On the Facebook page, Southwark Council is also listed as automatically granting the right for summer born CSA. Has that changed?


    • Corinne says:

      Hi Sofia,
      Which facebook page are you referring to, please?
      We are also in Southwark and my daughter will be 4 in May 2018, so we are interested in a deferred place.
      Also though, I have heard that even though it is up to the school, Du,wich Infants amd Judith Kerrbeing on pur list, they could still be forced to skip a year by the schoolthey will attend later, whether a primary or secondary school. do youa have any imformation on this, please for Southwark?
      Many thanks!


  14. M says:

    Havering council said NO. Does anybody know when there will be new law/ guidelines in place? It says ” shortly” but when? Can anyone hepl me what can I do now?
    Thank you.


  15. susan says:

    I notice Somerset is not on the list I myself have a summer born boy who is not ready for school this year, he had a stroke two years ago which has resulted in delays/ behavioural issues/ physical issues I have requested he be allowed to start in reception year a year later (2018),was told by nursery teacher/head teacher of chosen school and a Massey worker that thee would be no problem with this. Well today I was told different if I go ahead with the deferral my son would have to start in year 1 which I do not want. I feel let down by a lot of people my son is not ready for school yet I will have to let him start this year unless I can find some help to fight our corner I was told he could start in reception a year later now I am told he can’t.


    • Catherine says:


      I’m really sorry to read about your sons stroke and the issues you have had with deferring his school place at school. Has your situation changed and were you offered any support? Were you able to get an assessment from a educational psychologist and family Dr? Given your extreme circumstances this is something which should be fought all the way and which your LEA and local school should not be allowed to get away with as this will have a huge impact in your son. Hope things have changed for the better!



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  19. Ellie Paris says:

    How very unfair…Nottinghamshire county seems to allow Reception at 5 for summer born children but we live in Nottingham city and they are 2 different local authorities with different opinions…Also some schools do not seem to know at all about these issues and think children should just start Reception at 4…I am in the process of all this because the deadline is 15th january and I just might need to apply outside the city then if no positive outcome from Nottingham city council.


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