BBC Radio 4’s Whodunnit? Investigates Summer Born Issue

SB - BBC Radio 4 Whodunnit summer born picThe Summer Born Campaign‘s Michelle Melson is interviewed in episode 4 of a new BBC Radio 4 five-part series asking, Whodunnit?, The Calendar Conspiracy

Presenter: Michael Blastland
Producer: Katherine Godfrey
A Whistledown production for BBC Radio 4

Children born in summer do worse than children born in autumn or winter. Not every one of them of course, but on average the effect is strong and clear. Their grades are likely to be worse, they’re less likely to go to grammar school and research indicates admission to Russell Group universities is lower too. It’s also suggested they are more likely to be told they have behavioural problems or learning difficulties, and they are more likely to be bullied, more likely to be excluded.

The disadvantage appears to goes on after education. So what’s behind this and why isn’t there more of an outcry?


Interestingly, at one point, the presenter Michael Blastland comments, “I doubt anyone will march on Parliament.”

Yet I can recall at least twice when this exact action has been passionately suggested in the Summer Born Campaign‘s Facebook group.

Michelle Melson can be heard in the episode titled, “Who Cares?“.

She makes it clear that we, and other parents of summer born children, do.

As Michael Blastland himself observes at one point, “Essentially what we’re observing is discrimination, isn’t it?

Yes, it absolutely is.

  • Written by author and journalist Pauline Hull, with thanks to Whistledown for contacting the Summer Born Campaign via this website and including us in their programme
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