Labour MP Stephen Twigg Formally Supports Our Campaign: ‘No child should be forced to miss a vital year of learning’

stephen twigg MPStephen Twigg, Labour and Co-operative MP for Liverpool West Derby and former Shadow Secretary of State for Education has today given his full support to the Summer Born Campaign:

No child should be forced by our education system to miss a vital year of learning, whether that be the reception year or indeed any other year.

Now is the time to review the School Admissions Code to ensure each child has fair and equal access to preferred schools and that no child is left behind simply because of when they were born.

Research suggests that summer-born children do less well on average. Policy-makers have a responsibility to address this.

A system which forces children to forfeit any part of their education risks creating real difficulties for summer-born children and their families. It also threatens to undermine efforts at school improvement.

All children need to have the skills and knowledge that enable them to succeed as well-rounded citizens.

Every child deserves the best start at school. That is why I support the Summer Born Campaign.”

With very special thanks to Michelle Melson who contacted Stephen Twigg and went to visit him in Liverpool in February to explain the issues being faced by parents of summer born children, and thanks to Stephen Twigg for being one of the first MPs to step forward and publicly support this vital campaign.

Please do consider contacting YOUR local MP and finding out if they are willing to support our children. Thank you.

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