61 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates Supporting Summer Born Campaign Ahead of Election

11-Mar-14-16 rocking chair rushmoor chilworth gym birdworld 001 - CopyBelow is a list of PPCs who have responded to members of the Summer Born Campaign (mostly via Twitter) asking whether they support our call for summer born children to have the automatic right to 12 years of primary and secondary education whether they start at compulsory school age or one year early.

*Dave Anderson, Labour (Blaydon):  “…Happy to support you and the @sb_campaign…

*Laween Atroshi, Labour (Surrey Heath): “I support the fantastic @sb_campaign
Tory-led Surrey County Council should do the same.

*James Barber, Lib Dem (East Dulwich): “Yes makes lots of sense (especially as parent of one)” “Lets talk after 8 May how we can get some common sense changes to such a daft policy…

*Malcolm Birks, Labour (Skipton & Ripon): “Yes I will – well done on your campaign

*Tom Brake, Lib Dem (Carshalton & Wallington): “Happy to support the #summerborn @sb_campaign

*Fiona Bruce, Conservative (Congleton): “Thankyou for your email which I have received and am carefully considering

*Denise Burke, Labour (North Norfolk): “Yes I do! As someone who works in the EY & Childcare sector I know how difficult it can be for some children

*Ben Bradshaw, Labour (Exeter): “as someone whose birthday is August 30th, naturally!

*Sophie Christophy, Green (Hertford & Stortford): “Summer-born children should be permitted Reception at CSAge if parents deem it in their best interests

*Harry Clarke, Labour (Mid-Norfolk): “I will look at certainly. A year is a long time, esp in early years

*Gill Coombes, Green (Totnes): “Yes – sb child myself! Greens would ease kids into ed more slowly – free childcare, then school proper starts at 7

*Alex Cunningham, Labour, (Stockton North): “I’ve been pleased to work on this in the past and plan to continue highlighting issues for summer born children

*Simon Diggins, Labour (SW Herts): “Delighted to support campaign

*Gareth Ellis, Green (Mid Bedfordshire): “Agree children should not be forced in to school too early. I was #summerborn.

*Jonathon ElmerGreen (City of Durham): “Yes 🙂

*Simon FellConservative (Barrow and Furness): “very happy to. There’s a clear case that this flexibility is needed

*Helen Flynn, Lib Dem (Harrogate & Knaresborough): “Yes, happy to. Some of my colleagues in House of Lords, have been working hard on this issue. Important.

*Richard Garvie, Labour (Wellinghorough & Rushden): “I am a summer born child!! Will be following your campaign with interest, elected or not!!” And when asked if elected would he raise this in Parliament? “I would be happy to.

*Katrina Gilman, Labour (The Wrekin): “happy to support this campaign.

*Stephen Glenn, Lib Dem (Sedgefield): “if elected I would certainly support the @sb_campaign to give parents the choice of what is best for their child

*Zac Goldsmith, Conservative (Richmond Park and North Kingston): “glad to

*Sam Gould, Labour (Romford): “I certainly do, children should never have to miss out on reception, that’s wrong!

*Colin Green, Lib Dem (Birmingham Selly Oak): “I’d be more than happy to.

*Alison GriffithsConservative (Blaydon) “…lots of sympathy with this… Very happy to support yr campaign!

*Stephen HammondConservative (Wimbledon): “over the years I have helped a number of constituents with this issue. I am very sympathetic and happy to help

*Nick Harvey, Lib Dem (North Devon): “…Agree this needs to be looked at again, wld like2hear more about alternatives.Happy to discuss w DfE if reelected!

*Helen Hayes, Labour (Dulwich and West Norwood): “v happy to support this, especially as I was a summer born child so understand the issue first hand

*Peter HirstLib Dem (Congleton): “Yes with pleasure

*Julian Huppert, Lib Dem (Cambridge): “…happy to support” “yes

*Marie-Louise Irvine, NHA Party (SW Surrey): “I support it. It makes sense.

*Chris Irvine, UKIP (Rochester East): “Fully support campaign. Parents of summer born children should be able to defer education start to ensure best outcome.

*Linda Jack, Lib Dem (Mid Bedfordhire) “yes, although my view is that we start formal education too early for all children

*Christina Jebb, Lib Dem (Nuneaton): “yes I do support the #summerborn campaign Children’s education too precious to mess about with

*Resham Kotecha, Conservative (Dulwich & West Norwood): “will gladly support a campaign that is best for a child & will help them achieve their longterm potential!

*Peter Kyle, Labour (Hove and Portslade): “I agree wholeheartedly with @StephenTwigg

*Norman Lamb, Lib Dem (North Norfolk): “Thanks for alerting me! Certainly support the case you make!” and “Can we meet after the election? Very happy to pursue!

*John Leech, Lib Dem (Manchester Withington): “Yes @sb_campaign Signed EDM 2013 because I support your campaign.

*Peter Lowe, Labour (Stourbridge): “If elected in Stourbridge I would be happy to meet to see how I can support the campaign. All the very best!

*Caroline LucasGreen Party (Brighton Pavilion): “Happy to support it. I think formal schooling in UK starts too early anyway, many other countries start at 7.

*Anna Martin, Lib Dem (Garston & Halewood): “Already tweeted with you quite a bit! I’m more than happy to be listed on supportive PPC page: Lib Dem, Garston & Halewood

*Trudie McGuiness, Labour (Staffordshire Moorlands): “Yes, I support the #summerborn campaign. 4 is just too young for some children to start school. Need some discretion.

*Ian Mearns, Labour (Gateshead): “Lets have a chat after the election I hope to be re-elected and back onto the @CommonsEd Education Select Committee!

*Greg Mulholland, Lib Dem (Leeds North West): “hi, it sounds sensible to me. I was latest of all 31st August & it worked fine for me but agree flexibility would be good.

*Rashid Nix, Green (Dulwich and West Norwood): “IF ITS THE PARENTS AND CHILDS WISHES, SURE

*Caroline Nokes, Conservative (Romsey and Southampton North): “Fascinating session on summer borns recently as part of @CommonsEd – clear evidence of need for flexibility

*Sam Pancheri, Green (Milton Keynes): “Ok.Lots to think about there! Can we work on this after election? Bit swamped atm! Def support premise of @sb_campaign tho.

*Christopher Pincher, Conservative (Tamworth): “agree differing decisions for each child a concern so will certainly take a look

*Darren Price, Labour (Congleton): “@sb_campaign Yes, I spoke with Michelle from the Congleton constituency about this a while ago and I do support your campaign. 🙂

*Jill Rawling, Labour (Woking): “@sb_campaign yes

*Lord Robinson, Green (Sedgefield): “hi education should be the same for all and not exclusive!

*Barry SheermanLabour & Co-op (Huddersfield): “you certainly can add my name!

*Mark Shilcock, Green (North West Durham): “happy to support. Parents know what is best for their children.

*Keith Simpson, Conservative (Broadland): “If I am re-elected as the Member of Parliament for Broadland please contact me concerning this matter and I will certainly let you know my views.” (via email to parent who would like to know views before voting!)

*Vikki Slade, Lib Dem (Mid Dorset and North Poole): “Happy to continue @Annette4MDNP support @sb_campaign sb_campaign #MDNP we need more #MumsInParliament understand needs of children #GE2015

*Lee SlaughterUKIP (Congleton): “@sb_campaign yes you can. Our kids education is paramount & this one small steps is only 1 of many changes we need.

*Mark Sleigh, Ubuntu (Sutton Coldfield): “I hadn’t heard of it but completely understand the thinking as my daughter is an August child. It’d get a yes from me

*Lorna Jane Tooley, Green (Romford): “I do. What planet are they on that they think children missing a year of school is good for them?

*Stephen Twigg, Labour & Co-op (Liverpool, West Derby): Stephen Twigg Formally Supports Our Campaign: ‘No child should be forced to miss a vital year of learning’

*Nicky Williams, Labour (Totnes): “I’d be more than happy to support the summer born campaign; I believe every child deserves to make the best start at school

*Tanya Williams, Green (Twickenham): “proud to support #summerborn sorry for delay

*Phil Wilson, Labour (Sedgefield): “please add my name. Every child deserves the best education.


Please note: Not every single PPC has been contacted, so if you are a PPC reading this, please do get in touch with us at info@summerbornchildren.org or via the Contact Us page above if you would like to add our support or need more information.

Parents: if your local PPCs are not listed here and you haven’t yet contacted them, please consider doing so and/or join our Facebook group if you would like more information.

Very Special Thanks to Michelle Melson for compiling the list of responses above and to all members who have made the effort to contact their PPCs on behalf of our campaign.

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