Postcode Lottery Winners: 2015 Summer Born 4 Year-Olds happy to have One More Year before school

4 year olds - Emma Barnett4 year olds - Charlotte AliyevaSEE MORE

Postcode Lottery Winners here.

…and the
Postcode Lottery
Losers here4 year olds - Iwona Gajewska4 year olds - Lauryn Douglas 4 year olds - Nick Banham 4 year olds - Natasha Newman4 year olds - Sara Hasted 4 year olds - Sarah Layton 4 year olds - Tracy Ball 4 year olds - Zoe Wordley

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2 Responses to Postcode Lottery Winners: 2015 Summer Born 4 Year-Olds happy to have One More Year before school

  1. RDutton says:

    I am so happy I live in an area that granted my request. It’s great to see all these photos of summer born children who will not be forced to miss a year of education or be forced into school against their parents wishes prior to compulosry school age. It’s so sad and unfair though that there are many children who will be forced into year one next week though; missing their reception year altogether! Also sad for those parents who have fought long and hard against their admission authority for a reception start at compulsory school age for entry in 2016 but to no avail; those children will be starting school next week a year early, against parents wishes and their child’s best interests.

    I hope this postcode lottery is ended asap for the sake of our children and their future, our country’s future.


  2. Sara Hasted says:

    We are so relieved our son wont be starting school next week, instead he will have another year at Pre-School before starting reception in Sept 2016 at CSA at 5 years old. We know this is the best outcome for our son, he now has time to grow and develop socially and emotionally at his own pace before starting formal schooling. We know he will thrive in reception next year. It’s unfair that parents have to fight so hard to get the best education for their children and how differently each LEA deal with their request for reception at CSA start, it should be fair access for all, in 2015 getting the best education for your child should NOT be a fight. We are thankful for the Summer Born Campaign.for all the advice and support you have given us.


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